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Gotlandsägg AB
Stenkyrka, Stenkyrka 155
SE-624 42 Tingstäde

Salmonella-free eggs from healthy hens in a sound environment
Sweden is renowned for its high standard of animal care, and the whole country is free from salmonella in chickens and eggs. This means that our chickens do not have to suffer disease and that there is no danger in eating soft-boiled or raw eggs. The Swedish hens’ health status is very good and the need for vaccination is extremely small. Swedish legislation is the toughest in Europe when it comes to chickenfeed. Swedish hens may not be fed antibiotics, carrion, synthetic colouring or hormones. In Sweden, beaking is prohibited by law. Gotlandsäggs’ total production has already been adapted to EU regulations that take effect 2012. 40 eggs per second roll out from Gotlandsägg. We only sell quality eggs, with at least 95% being produced by barn-eggs hens. A large part of our production comprises organic eggs. We are courageous and full of initiative, and we utilise modern technology to develop our company. As a natural part of our eco-approach, we use so-called green electricity from wind-powered plants here in Gotland.

Our markets
Gotlandsägg is growing and we see great potential for our products in several European countries. Our customers include both wholesalers and retail stores.

Since 1999 we are swedens first ISO-certified egg-packing company. We also got a BRC Global Standard certificate.